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3 Cheats for Skype Job Interviews

With a worldwide market, competition for jobs is global. On one hand this means more competition for the position you are applying for, on the other hand you can now apply for more positions throughout the world.With worldwide positions growing, Skype job interviews are increasing. Many confident interviewees feel more pressure with a Skype interview then they do completing a face to face interview, even though the questions asked are the same. Here is How You Can ACE your Skype Job Interview Step 1 - Be Heard or Go Home

The biggest problem with a Skype job interview isn't your confidence, the answers you deliver or how you come across. Your biggest barrier is your internet connection. With a poor “upload” connection, your screen will freeze, your voice can be distorted and the flow of your interview will be interrupted.

What the employer doesn’t hear they don’t know. A bad upload connection (this is different to your download speed) will break rapport as the employer struggles to concentrate on you, but even worse, the employer can miss your key “selling points”.

It is important in any job interview, especially in a Skype interview, to ensure your message, your unique selling point and your interview answers are fully heard and understood by the employer. Step 2 - Get Up Stand Up

Many people find sitting in front of a screen a physical barrier.

Often home computers are set low and are placed in a small room at the back of the house. This creates poor ergonomics which affect your interview. Often your posture and general uncomfortableness creates stress which comes across during the interview.

People feel more confident talking when standing up. By changing your posture from a tightly squeezed chair posture to an open standing stance, you will change the way you feel, increasing your confidence.

Set up your webcam (ideally use a HD webcam) so it is at a height so you can film your head shot as you stand. This change to your body posture will help you feel more relaxed, calm and confident. This is the benefit of a Skype interview, it is rare that you can stand up during a face to face interview. Step 3 - Create a script

During face to face interviews, many interviewee’s leave wishing they had stated this skill, discussed this key experience or quoted a particular statistic.

In a pressured interview it is easy to forget key pieces of information, however in a skype interview you can bypass this interview barrier.

On large pieces of paper write down, in a thick marker, key points you want to discuss, figures and percentages you want to quote and your unique selling point. Place these behind the computer and webcam.When feeling lost, taking a glance up at these prompts will trigger the answer you want to deliver. Summary

  1. Ensure you use a high upload connection (this is different to your download speed)
  2. Set your camera so you can stand up during the interview (this will look from the employers perspective that you are sat down – shoulder and head shot)
  3. Place prompt sheets behind the camera/computer

 By: Chris Delaney

Link: http://www.social-hire.com/career--interview-advice/5539/3-cheats-for-skype-job-interviews